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Teniskology - Teniskology

Soutěžící JAD Productions
Klient JAD Productions & SocialMixer

Účastníci nesoucí hlavní podíl na úspěšnosti eventu

Yemi A.D. - Creative Director
Fabrice Biundo - Business Director

Popis projektu

TENISKOLOGY is the new generation of sneaker event combining an exclusive sneaker fair with exhibitions, concerts, conferences, shows and many other activities. TENIKOLOGY is taking/takes place in Prague at the end of October. TENISKOLOGY 2017 was the 3rd edition.

Počet oslovených eventem vs. reálně zúčastněných

> 6.630 paid visitors (previous year 4.400 free visitors) > 3,3 mio. Facebook impressions > 3,9 mio. Instagram impressions > 900k reach in FB campaign > Most used hashtag during event week

Doplňující informace

Powerful impact according to objectives. All campaign reached over 3 mio. people, 50% web visitors came by organic or direct search, #teniskology was the most used hashtag of the week of the event, event brought 41% more visitors (on the top paying vs. for free in 2016]


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